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    Installing 3.60/3.71/3.80/3.90 M33 for PSP Slim


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    Installing 3.60/3.71/3.80/3.90 M33 for PSP Slim

    Post  Marth on Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:05 pm

    Thanks to M33, they have done it again, for those lucky that have the new sexy PSP Slim, then you can install 3.60M33 and up like fat PSP's have!

    If you PSP Slim is 3.71 and above, use this tut to make the required items for use on flashing the the Slim to 3.71M33 and above

    *Note: To Install 3.70 M33 to the Slim, you MUST have 3.60 M33 installed first, so follow this tut to Install 3.60 M33, then after the Install, continue with the Installation of 3.71 M33*

    List of Things you will need

    *Works so far only on PSP Slim with FM 3.60
    *fat PSP Battery, not the PSP Slim battery and of course, Memory Stick Pro Duo 256 and up
    *You will once again need a fat working 1.50/CF PSP set in 1.50 Kernel to run the installer and such (get into the Recovering Menu of the CF PSP and set the Kernel to 1.50)
    *Make Pandora's Battery and Pandora's Memory Stick Pro Duo
    *Make sure when you make the Pandora Battery, before you press X, press Triangle to back you your battery files
    *Common sense that you follow these directions carefully

    1.) ok, first, you will need to have a working 1.50/CF PSP set to 1.50 Kernel to run the Pandora battery maker and Installer, follow this tut, and after you are finished with this tut, then come back to this one

    2.) *Important* after creating the Pandora Battery and Memory Stick Pro Duo, leave it alone, do not delete any files, run any apps, you need these as the M33 Installer modifies the Memory Stick Pro Duo files to work on a Slim PSP instead of installing 1.50 like on a regular bricked PSP and such

    3.) Now that you have created the Pandora Battery and Memory Stick Pro Duo, go into USB Mode

    4.) Copy the pandora_slim and pandora_slim% in the GAME folder if yu are using a 1.50 PSP or GAME150 if you are using any CF that is set to the 1.50 Kernel

    5.) Download the 3.40 and the 3.50 Update from our download section of this site, and in USB Mode, rename them to 340.PBP and 350.PBP and copy those two updates in the pandora_slim folder

    6.) Now that you have those folders/Updates in place, exit USB Mode and then go to the Game icon in the XMB of the PSP

    7.) Select Pandora Slim PSP Installer this time around and once in the app, press X to start the programs job, it will write the files for you and will exit for you, so please wait

    8.) Once done with the Slim installer, now comes to time to flash M33 to your new PSP Slim

    9.) put the Pandora Memory Stick Pro Duo in your PSP Slim and the power cable connected to the PSP and then, put the Pandora Battery into the PSP Slim

    10.) The PSP Slim will turn on by itself, do not be alarmed when you see a blank screen, thats normal since the 1.50 Kernel does not work on the PSP Slim as of this time (Hope this comes soon)

    11.) After doing the above step, simply press X to Install M33, but like said before, the screen will be blank all the time of the install, but you can hint of what is going on by looking at the light for the memory stick blinking

    12.) It only takes a few seconds to install M33 because it only has to install a few PRX's to make the 3.60 into a 3.60 M33 version, so be patient (like look the other way for a few seconds, eat a chip, take a sip of what ever you are drinking, you get the idea Wink )

    13.) After it installs the 3.60 M33, the PSP will shut off for you, now take out the Pandora Battery and put your regular PSP Slim battery in and boot it up, WOOOT!!!! you got 3.60 M33

    14.) now, unplug the power cord from the PSP Slim and connect it to your fat 1.50/CF PSP set in 1.50 Kernel and then turn it on without the battery in it yet

    15.) when the fat PSP is on, then insert the Pandora Battery in and then run the Pandora Battery Maker and press Square to restore that battery into a regular battery, the program will exit for you

    16.) you are done now and now have a PSP Slim that rocks cuz it has M33 in it :mrgreenthumbsup:

    17.) From here onward, If you want to Install 3.71 M33, make sure you first have successfully installed 3.60 M33 on your Slim

    18.) Now that you have 3.60 M33 Installed, simply use this easy Installer, or for those that want to to it manually, then get the 3.71 M33 Installer from this site's Download section, and make a folder called UPDATE inside the GAME folder, and then put the files in there, and then get the the 3.71 Official Update and rename it to 371.PBP and put it inside the UPDATE Folder with the 3.71 M33 Install files

    here is the easy Installer, thanks to Nacos for it

    19.) Now you are ready to Install 3.71/3.80/3.90M33 (Depending on which CF you choose to install), BUT, Connect your Power cord, and also, be CAREFUL! this is like the Official Update, you must have your power cord connected at all times, now make sure your battery is over 78% charged since the Installer works and looks like the Official Sony Installer, so don't be Alarmed when you see the Official Sony Installer, thats normal, and simply follow the instructions on the Menu and Install the Update, and when it is finished installing DO NOT power the PSP off by yourself, you will end up having a brick!, so press X to reboot the PSP and you are good

    20.) The PSP will boot up after you press X and now, you have 3.71/3.80/3.90M33 (Depending on which CF you choose to install), OH YEAH!

    So give a big thanks at the hard working PSP hackers that make all of this possible for us all Cool
    Also M33 is really Dark_Alex!! Thank him for all his hard work for all of this to be possible study

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